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Italian-born Adriana Girolami, an accomplished portrait artist and an award-winning writer of historical fiction, seduces readers with her visual style—both on the covers of her books and all the pages in-between. 

She immigrated with her family to the United States after her father’s untimely death, attended the Art Students League in New York City, embarked on a career as a portrait artist, and is the illustrator of her book jackets. 

The author paints intricate, visually rich characters that match the complex personalities she creates with her equally well-drawn words. She is the author of the compelling historical romance series, The Templar Trilogy:  Mysterious Templar, The Crimson Amulet, and Templar’s Redemption. 


Her latest offering, the award-winning novel “The Zamindar’s Bride,” reflects the author’s passion for different cultures, world travel, and the ever-present love and romance.

Adriana credits her attraction toward art and history to the eternal city of Rome, the place of her birth, and her parents, who encouraged her to read at a very early age since books were always available in her home.  

She traveled worldwide with her husband, is enthusiastic about physical fitness and Martial Arts,  jogs faithfully, plays racquetball, and achieved a black belt in Kenpo Karate. Always an optimist, Adriana looks forward to a bright tomorrow and writing her new exciting novel. 

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