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Templar TrilogY

Templar's Redemption
(The Templar Trilogy Book 3)

The beautiful and valiant Duchess Polyxena faces her greatest challenge as she attempts to save her beloved Nemours from a grave danger. Unexpected complications arise as the enigmatic, sexy Lord Zanar suddenly reappears. He will cast a shadow of doubt on the idyllic marriage of Polyxena and Arsenio. 

The Duchess wonders why the unpredictable rogue is back despite a death sentence looming upon his head... Is he a friend now, or an evil foe? The Count of Rozenberk tells the Duchess many facts about her Mysterious and noble ancestor, Wilfred the Valiant, Third Duke of Nemours. He reveals to the young woman, the shocking and unexpected genesis of the Templar's Treasure. 

Will the family curse that for centuries placed a grave peril to the house of Nemours be dispelled due to the heroic efforts of Polyxena's father. But will he survive? Will Lord Zanar's  unsettling presence cast a permanent shadow between Polyxena and Arsenio? Find the answers in TEMPLAR'S REDEMPTION...  

The Crimson Amulet
(The Templar Trilogy Book 2)

The Crimson Amulet, follows Polyxena of Nemours, Duchess of Lorengard-Lorraine as she is kidnapped by Lord Zanar Mutamin, Sheik of Hasssan el Cabir. Does the mysterious and handsome lord of the desert fall in love with the beautiful Polyxena?

What evil awaits her at the mysterious castle of his elusive grandmother Camilla guarded by an aerie of a thousand vicious attack eagles? What revenge does she harbor against Polyxena and the House of Nemours? Will the long running hatred of the Muslims for Christians and the Templars rekindle the flames of the Crusades?

What is the crimson amulet and why is it so evil? Find out only in the second exciting novel in the TEMPLAR TRILOGY.

Mysterious Templar
(The Templar Trilogy Book 1)

Dark forces and violence enters the European court of the Duke of Nemours in the year of our Lord 1480. The only hope remains in the hands of the Duke's daughter Polyxena—a stunning beauty, coveted by many men.

As the princess bride, she arrives at the castle of the Duke of Lorengard-Lorraine only to find her arranged marriage has been foiled. Duke Arsinio has been murdered in a coup d'état and she is a virtual prisoner of an evil tyrant. A mysterious knight appears to challenge the power of the tyrant and bring hope to the people. The face of this enigmatic warrior is covered by a red mask and the cross on his chest defines him as a Knight Templar. 

Will Polyxena achieve freedom and find the love of her life? Is the identity of the Mysterious Templar discovered? Find out only in the first novel of the Templar Trilogy.

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